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  • Edit Suit comfortable chairs

    Comfy adjustable chairs

  • Final Cut Pro comfortable edit suite

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  • Play Chess to free your mind

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  • Room with a view

    Room with a view

  • Height adjustable desk in all our edit suites

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  • Nice harware to work on with Final cut Pro, Avid, adobe CS 5

    Avid, Final Cut Pro & Adobe CS 5

What is Creative Spaces?

Creative Spaces is an open, creative workspace powered by Circus Family. We provide fully equipped editing suites and desks for freelancers and production companies.

Our work spaces are equipped with all the tools you need: a comfortable desk and chair, lockable cabinets, access to fiberglass internet, a network printer and copy machine. Access to our editing suites, meeting room, FTP connection, phone and mail services are available as an option, too.

Why Creative Spaces?

Creative Spaces wants to create an environment that helps inspire social interaction, knowledge and creativity around motion design, film editing and the development of interactive design solutions. We provide the inspiring environment to work in, meet kindred spirits and share ideas.

What do we offer

Rent of edit suites

  • A flexible, open plan studio situated in an inspiring environment full of other creatives. All this in a building filled with architects and design companies.
  • We have desk space, editing facilities and free use of hi-speed internet for rent. You can start working on your projects right away, drink your way through good coffee, empty the fridge and have a meeting with your clients in our meeting room-with-a-view.

Final Cut Pro, Avid and Adobe CS 5

  • Depending on your wishes we can offer you a fully equipped Edit Suite with an Apple Mac Pro running Editing Software like Final Cut Pro 7, Final Cut X, Avid Media Composer 6 or Adobe Premiere CS 5.
  • For further post treatment you can fire up Adobe After Effects CS 5 or Davinci Resolve 9, Apple Soundtrack or Logic and ProTools LT.

Exta Services & Pricing

  • Creative Spaces also includes reception services. You can be reached through the central Creative Spaces phone number, get your packages delivered and we can even give you access to our blazing fast FTP server. Hi-speed internet: wired and wireless with a separate WiFi for clients or visitors.
  • A rate card is available upon request via . Suzie is the best office manager ever and could be yours, too


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